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How to become a boilermaker in south africa

The country’s need for more artisans is very high to support the infrastructure delivery and global competitiveness

This infrastructure programmes include constructing buildings, roads, schools, harbours, universities, power stations and other social and economic infrastructure and to do this we a need significant number of man power and competent artisans

Boiler making involves design from flat plates to pressure vessels

Boilermaker refers to artisans trained in the trade of steel fabrication, repair and maintenance and employed in many diverse sectors of engineering in vehicle manufacture and many more specialising in the making and installation of boilers.

Qualified boilermakers usually acquire professional skills through a 4 year apprenticeship, although some may take formal boilermaker school and fet to become boilermakers before finding in-serving training for their practical experience

Working safely at heights with a mobile crane

Work in the field can be dangerous , it requires physical fitness and high degree attention to detail.

Work is done in extreme conditions and often requires travel, however if you are the hands-on, out door type, remember job opportunities for boilermakers are on the increase and you wont have to compete with hundreds of others for the position.

BOILERS can be used in industries like food and beverages use storage tanks with carrying capacity, carbon filters to purify water, manufacture a complete brewery set up, pharmacutical, chemical and petro-chemical industries

Boilermaker course Requirements

  1. A copy of the id
  2. 2 colour id photos
  3. A copy of drivers license
  4. Welding safety kit
  5. Drawing board
  6. A book

It normally takes 2-3 to become a crane operator and then you get apprenticeship in a crane company where you will also get an average salary of R90000